How to get free Bitcoins?

Dec 26, 2017 Currencies

There are various ways and options for one to get free Bitcoins. Games such as the Blockchain game on Google’s Play Store offer free bitcoins on signing up and furnishing one's email address. Payments in bitcoins are done once a week. But these free games also advertise a lot. Android device owners can find the Bitcoin Popper an interesting way to earn bitcoins. Bitcoin Aliens is known to offer bitcoins too. 
Many dice based games also offer free bitcoins. Examples of such sites are 999Dice and PrimeDice. Apart from such free games sites which offer free bitcoins or fractions of bitcoins for playing the games, there are many other bitcoin faucets, such as Bitcoin Zebra, Moon Bitcoin, and Free Bitcoin, from which people can get free bitcoins.
The idea behind free bitcoin is that the user does not have to invest any money, nor do any tasks other than playing the game or doing some activity as desired by the sites. In return he or she becomes entitled to a specified amount of bitcoins. Note that bitcoins are given in rather small fractions. Some prompt people to rope in more friends and relatives to join the site, for which additional bitcoins are offered.
There are several casinos that are launched and which offer free bitcoins. There are paid to click sites as well which offer bitcoins, such as Coin adder which offers as much as 500 satoshis to join and in addition the user can get 20 percent of the referral’s clicks.

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