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New York, NY, USA
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HashFlare is a cryptocurrency cloud mining services provided by HashCoins and founded by Sergei Potapenko where based in Tallinn

Anywhere (except Albania, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda)


New York, NY, USA

HashFlare is a cryptocurrency cloud mining services provided by HashCoins and founded by Sergei Potapenko where based in Tallinn, Estonia. HashFlare also offered one of the best affiliate programs on the blockchain technology, on which the program provides a various way to earn commissions from a different type of referrals such as promo code, referral link/ referral bonuses, and commission per sale, etc. The 10% referral commission is the standard and guaranteed earnings. Also, the members are eligible to receive the lifetime commissions of 10% referral fees for every purchase made by any of the member's referral (excluding the reinvestment and balance purchases).

One of the reasons why the HashFlare affiliate has an excellent reputation; the payout are given daily (every 24 hrs.) that are automatically added to the member’s account balance in BTC. It also capable of withdrawing the funds instantly and provided with the complete reports on the referral details (Please note that it required adding a suitable wallet to the system to withdraw funds). Also, according to the top of the list of crypto forums (Reddit BitcoinBitcoin.orgVOAT, etc.)  We are yet to come across negative feedback in any HashFlare reviews that’s enough to prove that they are not worth it to trust your investment plan and time, but don’t forget the golden rule of investment. Never invest more than you can't afford to lose! Therefore, this is one of the outstanding affiliate programs that offer a promising commission, immediate pay-out, instant withdrawal, detailed referral reports, and rewarding partner program, etc.

It also quite a popular website. At the time of posting this review (27th of April 2018), their Alexa global rank was 834. Most of their traffic seems to originate in the United States and Russia, but significant numbers also come from India, Brazil, and Japan. According to SimilarWeb, more than 40% of their traffic arrives from referrals, mostly from,, and

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