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HashFlare is a cryptocurrency cloud mining services provided by HashCoins and founded by Sergei Potapenko where based in Tallinn


Coinmama is a financial institution that offers the fast and easiest way to purchase crypto-currency via credit/debit card. It was founded in mid-YR2013 with the help of an excellent CEO: Asaph Schulman. The Company is located in Slovakia, and it was also the first Company offer this method of payment that incredibly available for almost everyone around the world, serving more than 225 Countries and the majority of the U.S. states. But, it also has the highest fees charged when making purchases.

It also has a remarkable affiliate program that is available to everyone. It offers excellent deals to an affiliate’s; it has a 15% commission on ALL of the referrals purchases including all their future purchases – it means, that the affiliates are eligible to receive a commission fee from their referrals in a lifetime as long their references are active. What’s more? The affiliates are also entitled to get a $1.5 (paid in BTC) in every $100 spends by their referrals. The payout will frequently send every end of the Month with no minimum earnings, and it will automatically send to the registered Bitcoin Address of an affiliate together with the complete referrals report.

This Coinmama affiliate program also offers a one-way of earnings only, since, this is a buy-only outlet serving consumers, it means that the only way to earn commissions is when the referrals made their purchases. Unlike other affiliate programs, where they offer a various way on earnings from their referrals such as; Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin pairing, and many more.


How to become an affiliate?

Like many other crypto-affiliate-program out there, the procedures are very simple which can possibly be done in minutes.

  1. First and foremost, you need to make yourself an official registered user at Coinmama’s platform, from there, you can go ahead and apply onto their affiliate program – Fill in the affiliate application form by providing your personal information and other necessary info to complete the procedures.
  2. Once your application has been approved, you can immediately start sharing your affiliate link to drive more traffics onto their official site ( Your unique affiliate link is located in your main menu bar under “Marketing Tools.”
  3. Network fees are charged in every successful order made by your referred users, and you as an affiliate will be eligible for receiving the 15% revenue share as your commission.


How does the affiliate program work?

Coinmama’s affiliate program makes everything easy with the help of their advanced marketing tools that will allow you to conveniently promote their services worldwide. The mechanics of this program is very straightforward, all you need to do is bring more traffics onto their official site as many as possible. Once your referred visitors will decide to register at Coinmama’s platform and place an order, from there you can earn 15% revenue share in every successful purchase made by your referred users, also, all of your referral’s future purchases are subject for the network fees. Payouts are paid Monthly and it will be paid only after three successful purchases made by at least three different new referred users.



There are three different types of Bitcoin Wallets, and you may have one of these types. The Bitcoin Hardware Wallets, Online Wallets, and the last one are the Paper Wallet. All storage is supported with Coinmama; it’s all up to the user and the crypto-currency she/he has or preferred.  Let me discuss a little more. About the Hardware wallets, you can have the some popular or recommended wallets like Ledger, Trezor, and Keepkey. For the Online Wallets, here are some of the suggested: Jaxx, Coinbase, and Blockchain, and for the Paper wallets you can just print that out with private keys.

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